3 Types of People To Mute on Twitter

This week Twitter announced that they would be rolling out a new feature that allows you to mute specific users. While not available on all accounts yet, Twitter will be adding this feature for everyone over the coming weeks. This got us thinking which Tweeters we'd like to see less in our feeds...

1) The Boring Over-Sharer


Everyone follows at least one of these people. You know them through a friend who works with your sister and you once went to the same party as them where you swapped Twitter handles - then it became awkward to unfollow them. 

How to spot one: Full stops are too good for these Tweeters, they separate sentences using tweets. "Had a great bagel"... "It had cream cheese #toocool"... "Man, cream cheese is good!". 

2) The Competition Obsessive


Twitter is a competition entry method for these guys. It's rare to follow them by accident; you're most likely need to deploy the mute method if they are a relative (or more awkwardly, an in-law).

How to spot one: Pretty easy. Their profile is filled with retweets featuring the words: RT, Follow, WIN, FREE, #freebiefriday, RT&FLW. Original content is like gold dust on these feeds.


3) The 'Tough Times' Tweeter


You don't know this person very well and they're going through a hard time - you don't really want to hear about how deep their emotions are on Twitter. Cue the mute button.

How to spot one: The tweets of woe may trickle in slowly at first; try to mute before the dam bursts.