A Disastrous Dream, Billy Elliot and #TheManOnTheMoon

What has been your favourite Christmas advert this year? Here at YSS HQ, a few stand out. Many Christmas ads blend together into one big flashy scene. Asda, Aldi and Waitrose all showcase the sumptuous dishes you can prepare with their wares – the problem is, after a while one turkey becomes indistinguishable from the next. The same can be said for cute children, fireworks and fairy lights. Let's take a look at the ones doing it a little differently.



Argos are selling their ‘fastest service ever’ with skiers hurtling down mountains at a breakneck speed with TVs in tow, and while not the most probable scenario, we like it for its original take on delivery. Burberry on the other hand celebrates the British phenomenon Billy Elliot in their Christmas ad. We can’t quite put our fingers on why, but they make it work! The ad is a festive mix of pretty clothes and pretty people, and who isn’t charmed by Julie Walters blowing kisses with a twinkle in her eye? However, there are unlikely to be Burberry trench coats under the YSS Christmas tree…


An Honest Christmas

The two that stand out sell Christmas a little differently. For many retailers, selling Christmas seems to be about selling perfection. John Lewis and Sainsbury’s both take a more honest look at the realities of the holiday.

The man on the moon from John Lewis focused on the loneliness many elderly people experience at Christmas. As always their video received a lot of attention and opinions were split, but the ingenious thing about John Lewis ads is they get people talking. Without pushing products or flashing their logo, they still create a lot of brand attention with good storytelling.


Poor Mog the cat – the Christmas calamity he creates truly is of epic proportions. The reality of Christmas with kids, a big family and pets is often one of organized chaos, and Sainsbury’s portrays this with humour. While most of us won’t wake up to a house demolished because our cat had a bad dream, it still is a relatable story (and tugs at the heartstrings).


We have well and truly missed the boat on creating our own Christmas epic this year, but perhaps there will be a YSS video in 2016 - filmed via a selfie stick - naturally.