And The Award For Most Retweeted Tweet Goes To…

How many of you stayed up late to watch the Oscars? We didn’t make it very far into the ceremonies before we nodded off in the armchair. We woke up in the morning to a flurry of Oscar-based activity on Twitter though, including the most retweeted tweet ever, to make sure we were kept in the loop.


If you couldn’t stay awake for the event, no matter. Twitter has made it easier than ever to catch up on what you missed, and go behind the scenes via the stars’ accounts. Those following the action on Twitter jumped on a tweet by host Ellen DeGeneres; a selfie (or groupie) of her and a number of Hollywood stars. At the time of writing the tweet had amassed over 2.4 million retweets, more than triple that of the most retweeted tweet ever.

Barack Obama’s “Four more years” tweet racked up almost 800,000 retweets, but Ellen broke that record in a matter of minutes. Within an hour it became the first tweet to achieve a million retweets and a few hours later it broke 2 million.


Twitter actually crashed a number of times during the ceremony with a number of users unable to access their feeds. There’s something fascinating about refreshing the page and seeing the number rise by hundreds every few seconds.