Best & Worst Practice: Instagram

Instagram Best Practices ...

It's in the name ... be instant! Opt for pictures that have an unexpected, authentic and behind-the-scenes feel. The candid, insider access is what users love most about Instagram. Balance of your professional images with spontaneous photography.

Enhance your images. Instagram is entirely visual, so use the best quality images you can and ensure that they look good when cropped into a square. Make good use of the filters that come with Instagram - the bolder ones give photography that unmistakable 'Instagram' feel, while the subtler ones are natural and appealing.

Create a hashtag and encourage your followers to use it when they post images related to your brand. Then post these pictures to your own account as 'regrams'.


Instagram Worst Practices ...

Using irrelevant hashtags. Just because a hashtag is popular doesn't mean it should be used on every picture you upload. Keep them relevant. This will make your content easier to find for those who are actually interested in it. For example tagging your picture with #dailypic will see it drowned out amongst thousands of other photos!

Looking too much like a catalogue. Copying across the same images from your website or Facebook feed will make your Instagram feed redundant. Use it as a way to showcase your brand in a more creative, spontaneous way.

Not knowing your audience. The vast majority of Instagram users are teenagers or in their early twenties, so you may want to create content that appeals to this demographic.