Best & Worst Practice: Twitter

Twitter Best Practices ...

Join in the chatter! Twitter isn't just for friends; you can link with anyone! Use it as a way to interact with people and organisations, link others to interesting content, and join discussions. It shouldn't just be about you.

Promote your events. Many people use Twitter as a way of finding out what's happening in their area. If you have an event coming up, use Twitter to promote it. Let your followers know about it in advance, ask them to share it and then remind them shortly beforehand.

As with Facebook ... ask simple, light-hearted questions to get the best response! You can suggest a hashtag so you can track responses. i.e. #MyFaveCoffee

Twitter Worst Practices ...

Overusing hashtags. You should only hashtag relevant key-words or phrases that people are likely to search for. Avoid tagging generic words, or using too many in one posts.
Bad: "It's #Monday #morning ... #feel so #tired."
Good: "Just booked my tickets for #Glasto15! Who else is going?"

Being inconsistent. Whether you post three times a day or three times a week, consistent use is important to stay engaged with what's happening with your followers and those you follow.

Not responding to your @mentions. If another user endorses you, reply back to show them your appreciation. If possible, start a conversation: "Thanks! Have you tried our ...?" "Great to hear, will you be coming to our ...?" etc.