How to Start A Creative Agency...

After stumbling across @Snorewell’s graphic detailing the 13 steps of starting a creative agency, we decided to see how accurate it really is. Created by designer and photographer Ben Horsley, the list pokes fun at the creative industry, while also providing a few home truths…

Are You Say Social a cliché? Are we that predictable? Let's take a look.

Yep. This one’s us. We’re located in the “Cultural Industries Quarter” of Sheffield. In our defence though, we have just decorated and we don’t have any bikes on the wall.

Don’t think we do that too much. Although we do have "Social" in our name, and we did burst out laughing at Jess for saying “storytelling” the other day.

Guilty. As for the beer fridge, we live in hope.

OK, confession time. We did used to have one of those

We can confirm our directors are champions of the blue jeans/brown shoes combo (above is an actual picture of our directors' legs).

Yeah right, like we’d ever admit to this one!

(But if you would like to read our regurgitated tedium, you can find us at @YouSaySocial)

Don't think we've done too bad there to be honest! It could have been a lot worse...

To see the full 13 steps of starting a creative agency, check out @Snorewell’s graphic here.