How To Stop A Spammer On Twitter

The ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, is one of the things I love about Twitter. But it does mean anyone, anywhere can connect with you.

On the whole this is great but what about those pesky spammers? The people that @mention you with spurious links, @reply inappropriately (or abusively) to your tweets, or retweet every single message you post from multiple accounts.Fortunately we don’t come across too much aggressive spamming when handling our clients accounts but one recent spam attack forced us to take action.

Wishing someone on Twitter would just buzz off? Here’s what to do.

Report Them

You can report spammy Twitter accounts and individual tweets with just a few clicks. A reported account cannot follow or reply to you.

tweetkaty (1).jpg

Block Them

If you don’t think you can fairly report someone as a spammer, but still don’t want them hanging around, you can block them instead (or both). A blocked account cannot follow you, add you to any twitter lists or see your tweets. Their @metions and @replies will also not show in your Mentions tab.

Twitter doesn’t send a notification to the user you’ve blocked, just in case you’re the sensitive type and worried about offending your spammer!

For more help and info visit Twitter’s help pages here and here, and enjoy Twitter spam free.

Small Print

Just to clarify, we are in no way implying Katy Perry is a spammer. She has been used as a visual example because I just heard her on the radio!