It's a Special Day Today...

Today is a very important day in the YSS office (but for some reason, we forgot to bring cake). That’s right - it’s National Social Media Day!

office dance

To mark this occasion we’ve put together a list of some of the best Social Media moments in the past year… enjoy.

Barraco Barner

I’m starting with a personal favourite, just everything about this tweet is gold. In case you somehow missed this blunder (Gemma Worrall found herself appearing in national newspapers), you can read all about it here. Also, you can also follow the real Barraco Barner on Twitter here.


UKIP kindly demonstrate how not to run a Twitter campaign.

“Safe Badman”

Possibly the best response to a customer service enquiry ever. Respect, Argos.

Airline Security Threats

Who ever thought this would be a good idea? Sarah (14 years old) did, that’s who. Police later confirmed that they had arrested her

This Delayed Punchline

The dedication…

(If you don’t get it, read more here.)


If you've got any social media favourites you'd like to share with us please tweet us @yousaysocial and enjoy national Social Media Day #SMDay.