LinkedIn Showcase Pages Explained

Today LinkedIn retire the ‘Products & Services’ feature for company pages. This feature allowed companies to list and receive recommendations for individual products and services, like a portfolio or menu page, and in some ways it’s a shame to see it go. It was a nice way for companies to highlight key offerings or promotions, without requiring users to navigate away to another website.

In its place, LinkedIn have introduced Showcase Pages. These pages came online at the end of last year and a number of major brands, like Microsoft, are already putting them to good use.

Key Features

Some things to know about Showcase Pages:

  • they are subpages and must be linked to a company page
  • you can create up to 10 free showcase pages
  • they have their own hero (i.e. banner) image
  • they feature a two column news-style updates feed
  • you can pay to sponsor showcase page posts

Sounds good and they do look great. But before you rush off to create your own, here are some things to think about.

Right For Everyone?

Showcase pages are more than a listings feature. They are pages, just like your company page, that require an audience and followers to have purpose. Consider these questions before creating yours.

Q: Does your company page have a good sized following – relative to your company size and compared to others in your industry?

If you answered ‘yes’, proceed to the next question. If you answered 'no' we would suggest focussing your time and energy on building and increasing the value in your primary page before adding subpages.  

Q: Can you identify a potential audience for a subpage dedicated to one product or service?

If ‘yes’ then great. Promote and invite people to follow the new page. If ‘no’ then think about if it is really worth creating a subpage. It may be that you can’t segment your audience sufficiently to warrant a product / service specific feed.

Q: Will you be generating content and updates relating to your product / service to populate the page, giving your audience a reason to follow?

Whether you update a page every few days or every few weeks, a page only has a purpose if it has content. Make sure you will have the time and resources available for worthwhile communication with your page audience.

A Word of Caution

Showcase Pages won’t be useful or necessary for every business. Take some time to assess how they could benefit your business before you start creating pages for pages' sake.

Creating A Showcase Page

Ready to begin? You can find the specifications for the Showcase Page elements here and a ‘how to’ for creating your page here.

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