Make The Most of Facebook Insights

Facebook has recently redesigned the layout of Facebook Pages, meaning that the admin view has changed a bit too. One important section of the admin tools is 'Insights'. This is where you can find plenty of data that Facebook has collected about your Page and its visitors. This is invaluable and should be checked regularly if you're going to get the most out of your page.

To find Insights, view your Facebook page as the page and click 'Insights' in the top left corner.



You are first taken to the Overview page, this is a snapshot of the past week, showing new page likes, engagement levels and individual post stats. If you scroll to the bottom you will see 'Pages to Watch', this service helps you to compare the performance of your Page and posts with similar Pages on Facebook. While Pages you select to watch won't know you specifically are watching them, a notification will tell them that somebody has added them as a page to watch.


Next in the navigation menu is 'Likes'.


This is pretty straightforward; you can see your total likes, how many likes you've gained each day over a set period and where your page likes came from. This tool can be useful in deciding how effective a particular page post was, or how well a Facebook referral incentive worked. 

The graphs are interactive so if you click on a date on the chart it will bring up a pop out window that details exactly where the likes came from (for example, Advertising, Mobile or On Your Page).

Post Reach

This can be a little confusing so may be best left until you've got your head around the other tools first. In short, the 'reach' of a post is the number of newsfeeds that the post has featured in. The figures are most commonly affected by paid Facebook adverts which can greatly increase the reach of your posts.

If you're not paying for adverts, do not be surprised if the reach of a post is much less than the total number of likes on your page. Due to Facebook's algorithms, your posts will not be shown to all your fans - the reach can be increased through crafting posts that your followers will engage with and through paying to boost posts. 


An interesting metric to see who has visited your page, not just who has seen your posts.


Here, you can also see who has landed on your page as a result of an external referrer. This can be helpful if you're directing people to your Facebook page from your website or other social profiles. When you can see that there was a spike in visits on a certain day, you can track down the cause of the spike so you can hopefully replicate the results and increase traffic to your page.


This is potentially the most useful tool of them all. In this section you can see:

  • When your fans are online
  • Which type of posts  are most popular
  • Individual stats for each page post  

Here you can also sort your posts by most clicked and most liked/shared. This is great for seeing how specific types of posts perform, the idea being that you would then post more of the content that your fans engage well with.



This set shows interesting demographic information as to who likes your page - it shows age range, gender, country, city and language. The most useful may be the location information; if all the Facebook fans of your Sheffield-based restaurant are in the US then you need to change a few things!

And finally...

You made it to the end! We hope that this will encourage you to use Facebook Insights a bit more and will help you to improve your Page. To finish, here's a fun list of dance moves you can learn from Windsocks.

windsock dance