Punctuation Day

What do you mean you didn't know it was Punctuation Day? It's been in our calender for months! We love punctuation. And grammar. And spelling. We spend so much of our day painstakingly ensuring that these three get along - blog posts, website content, tweets, Facebook posts - that it seems a shame to let this occasion pass unnoticed. So, here is our very own blog post in celebration of punctuation.

21st Century Punctuation

Have you noticed the new form of punctuation that has entered the English language? That's right: The Emoji.

In texts, tweets and everywhere else it is becoming increasingly common to express the tone of your message with an emoji. Many smartphones even have them built in to the default keyboard. Emojis can be especially helpful when, in a face-to-face context, extra information would have been given though facial expressions or body language. Notice the difference in tone: 



Thanks! or Thanks

TIME Magazine make a good point about the increasingly common use of exclamation marks in communication. They point out that "the period has taken on a brusque aura these days, leaving the reader of any declarative sentence open to detect apathy or annoyance. This has led to a rise in exclamation marks, because people need something to fill the gaps left by informative cues we get only in face-to-face communication—the raised brows, the wide eyes, the smile. Fearing that we could come across as unfriendly, we tack on an exclamation mark (“Thanks!”) to make sure our fine disposition comes across."

So true. (!)

Unnecessary Punctuation

Unnecessary use of punctuation is often more disturbing that the lack of (face it, the Let's eat grandma / Let's eat, grandma meme is getting old now). To end our celebration of punctuation, we'll leave you with a few of our favourite "unnecessary quotations" images. Enjoy the rest of Punctuation Day!