Best & Worst Practice: Facebook

Facebook Best Practices ...

Always post with images and vary post type (single image, album, video, link). Photos with human faces in them attract the most attention. Facebook users tend to skim their news feed and only linger on what catches their eye, so don't be afraid to be bright and bold!

Ask questions! People like to give their opinion! But keep it light hearted – people won’t spend long thinking about their answer and will pass you by if it is too weighty.

Include plenty of calls to action with your posts such as: ‘visit our website for …’ ‘comment below, ‘tell us what you think!

Facebook Worst Practices ...

Sounding too formal ... it's all about being social! Use a personal tone, and use first person pronouns I’ and ‘we’ as much as possible.

Automatically syncing the same posts from Twitter to Facebook. These platforms are different for a reason! The @’s, usernames and hashtags from Twitter will look out of place on the Facebook news feed. Savvy fans will be able to tell straight away that you're duplicating content.

Ignoring comments from your fans! Facebook's interface makes it incredibly easy to reply to all comments. Others will be able to see what you do or don't say - so you want to let other people know that you appreciate your customers by replying to them.