Social Media Successes 2015

Happy Social Media Day!

Established in 2010 by Mashable, Social Media Day is designed to highlight and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. There’s no denying that its influence is enormous, with around 14% of all smartphone activity taking place on social networks (equating to over 25 minutes per day)!

Since the last Social Media Day, there have been some huge social success stories, as well as some monumental failures… To kick things off, here are our favourite social successes of the past year.


Ice Bucket Challenge

Hashtags, trends and crazes come and go online, but nothing has caught on the way that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge did. This one came out of nowhere and took Facebook by storm. The Ice Bucket Challenge was a success in terms of just how many people joined in online, but also due to the fact that it raised millions for motor neurones disease charities. While not without its criticisms, the Ice Bucket Challenge was the undoubted social success story of the past year.



Taco Bell's Emoji

Taco Bell took to Twitter to petition for there to be a taco emoji. Bizarre, but this stunt managed to generate a whole lot of publicity for the Mexican fast food chain. After eventually securing almost 33,000 signatures, Unicode, the standard behind emoji, approved the taco. While not available on Android or Apple devices just yet, this is most certainly a success for Taco Bell.


Taylor Swift Makes Apple Crumble

This one’s a biggie. Taylor Swift took on Apple and won. After Apple announced that they wouldn’t be paying artists for their streams during the first 3 month trial periods of their new Apple music service, Taylor wrote an open letter imploring them to change their policy for the good of smaller artists.

Apple duly obliged, and Taylor said “thanks” by announcing she would make her latest album available on the streaming platform as a gesture of goodwill. Heartwarming tale of two beloved brands getting along, or cold, calculated PR ploy from the folk upstairs? Who knows. Either way, it worked.


Dancing Man Has Party

The internet can be horrible. But sometimes, just sometimes, it can be glorious.

After a picture of a man dancing was posted online with a hurtful comment mocking him, the internet rightfully condemned it and banded together to find the man in question. He had been shamed for dancing and having a good time, and thousands of people felt strongly enough to put it right.

The story was shared on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #FindDancingMan, which then caught the attention of a number of high profile celebrities and musicians. The man, from Liverpool, was eventually found and a huge dance party was thrown in his honour. The event was attended by over 1,000 people including big name stars including Moby who had offered to DJ for free.



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