The Dislike Button and Snaps Revisited


There has been a couple of interesting news stories in the world of social media in the last few days, and we wouldn`t be doing our jobs if we didn`t tell you about them!

No more real-time?

Snapchat has announced that users in the US will be able to pay for replays of their favourite snaps. For $0.99 users can purchase 3 replays.

Replay has been a part of Snapchat's additional services for a while but up until now it has been free and restricted to one snap each day. Snapchat has likened a replay to a compliment, and as compliments are always welcome, there is no reason to stop at just one.

Some would argue that the opportunity to relive an epic joke or your best friend`s reaction to being offered a new job is worth the price – after all, as Snapchat says, “time is money!”

Others would say snaps provide a personal window into the way you see the world – in real-time, in the moment. So why the opportunity to relive the past?

Like, don`t like…

The "like" button is a social media icon, but it didn`t take long in the life of Facebook before users began asking for a dislike button. This week Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that such a button is not far off.

Zuckerberg explains the dislike button is a way for people to express empathy and that the button is not meant as a way for users to express negativity towards each other. Reactions to the news have been varied. Zuckerberg himself was less enthusiastic about the dislike button back in 2014…

It certainly opens the door to a host of potential problems when it comes to vulnerable users and online bullying. Even if a friend is being playful when they dislike a picture of you in your favourite dress, it is a lot harder to read sarcasm or irony when you can't hear tone of voice or see body language.

One user suggested that instead of a dislike button Facebook should introduce a sympathy button. Something to think about?

The (Lost) Art of Conversation

Are we looking to social media to do too much of our communicating for us? If you want to express sympathy to a friend going through a tough time, chances are they could probably do with a chat and a hug, rather than a dislike...just a thought.