The Great British Band Wagon


Are you one of the millions in the UK waiting to hear those three special words each week?

Ready, set, BAKE!

Yes, we love it too. But there is nothing quite like a hugely successful TV programme to get brands and individuals leaping onto the proverbial band wagon.

For some the link is natural. Take Lakeland for example. The #GBBO phenomenon is a perfect match for the cookware giant, and another reason to tweet images of tantalizing tray bakes.


Soggy Bottoms

For some the link is a little more forced. If you are searching the GBBO hashtag, here are some of the more unlikely brands clamouring for your attention. 


Over Baked

A word to the wise. If you catch the Bake Off on iPlayer on a Thursday, you might not want to follow @Sainsburys who tweeted this (albiet very nice) GIF following last week's episode. Ouch.