Tunepics: Instagram with iTunes

Last week saw the release of the newest social networking platform - Tunepics. It is essentially Instagram with music and (if it takes off) a record label marketers dream. Just think of all those selfies or girls night out snaps ready and waiting to be accompanied by One Direction.

I'm not actually a prolific picture taker or a big muso but I have to say, I quite like the concept. I often associate particular moments with the song that was playing in the background or album I was listening to most that week.

It’s the first British social network - built, made and designed in the UK
— Justin Cooke

Creator Justin Cooke (former Burberry digital creative) was struck by the idea when taking a picture while out walking and listening to Paolo Nutini. If only there was a way to combine the two...

How It Works

It's not complicated. You take a picture (or use an image from your camera roll), add a filter or effect, then pick a song clip (courtesy of iTunes). You can also add a comment to go along with your pic before you post. 

Celebrity Endorsement

As you might expect, celebrities and brands have already jumped on board with some creative contributions.

Here To Stay?

Only time will tell but I think it could catch on, especially with the existing celebrity buy in. Not all the You Say Social team are convinced though. 

Gemma - Profile Manager

“I’m not totally convinced that TunePic will have the same success that Snapchat and Instagram have enjoyed. The only real difference between them is the ability to add music clips - will this be enough to draw a user crowd?

Having uploaded my first TunePic I found the UI very similar to Instagram, from the way the photo editor is laid out to the way you view your stream. It is also fairly easy to find a song (if you have one in mind). However, a feature that would really improve the app would be the ability to browse songs by genre or ‘emotion’ – for example ‘happy songs’, ‘lonely songs’  - in case you don't have a tune in mind at the time."

Adam - Head of Content

“There’s nothing too special about TunePics and the one unique feature (adding music) has its limitations. Because the app selects 30 second clips from iTunes, you can't dictate which bit of the song you'd like to feature. If there’s a particular lyric or funny line you're aiming for, it’s pot luck as to whether or not you get it.

It's also not the most subtle app. If you’re sat on the bus or in a waiting room, you can rule out scrolling through your feed unless you have headphones.

I'd say it’s quite fun for a few minutes but that’s about it. I'll stick with Instagram.”

Try It Yourself

Tunepics is available to download now on iOS via the app store. The Android version  is set to appear in the Autumn. 

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