What Should Your Business Blog About?


Blogging can add real value to businesses. It is a way to generate new website content, it gives you news to share via social media, and it provides customers (and potential customers) with useful information about your industry, products and services. 

"But what should we blog about?"

This is the most common question we hear from clients. It seems no matter how dynamic the business, staring at a blank Word document and being instructed to "blog" can induce immediate and incurable writers block. The solution is to think through your content strategy before you begin.

Here are 5 top tips to help you off the starting blocks.

Getting Started

1)  Generate a List of topics

Take some time to think through all the potential topics your blog could cover, and what would be useful for your intended audience.

This might include:

  • product or service updates
  • top tips related to your industry
  • in-depth guides / how tos
  • case studies
  • comments on latest industry news
  • team news (e.g. new staff members, accreditations)

Once you get started you will likely find there are lots of topics you can talk about.

2) Create a schedule

Once you have your topics, create a schedule covering 2 to 3 months ahead. You can then slot in your topics at random (making sure you cover each topic at regular intervals) and note down any title ideas that occur to you as you go along.

3) Share the load

Everyone gets busy, so make sure you share the blogging load with your team (if you have one). If it is one person's responsibility, it is likely to fall to the bottom of the pile sooner rather than later. Aim to have each team member blog once a month. Add their name to the schedule, along with a topic and give them plenty of warning. They can then plan an hour in their diary to get it done.

4) Be news aware

Try and be more aware of the news and stories being shared in the office. It is quite likely that you often discuss topics that would be perfect blog content. Like the award nomination, the new product a supplier is launching or job completed for a very happy client. If your team are talking about it, chances are it would interest your target audience.

5) Proof and proof again

A golden rule in the YSS office. Make sure you get each blog proofed by at least one other person to ensure it is typo free and that it makes sense. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes will not enhance your company image!

Happy Blogging!

If you would like further help or advice on blogging for your business, please feel free to get in touch.