Your Social Media Therapist Is Waiting

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In a world where many of us reach for our phones to check messages and notifications as soon as we wake up, it seems social media dependency is real.

A recent study conducted in Wales found that 1 in 5 secondary school pupils wake in the night to check or post social media messages. Add to this the fact that the average smartphone user will check their phone 110 times a day. Assuming you sleep for 8 hours a day, that's almost 7 phone checks per hour. 

Can we really not go an hour without checking Facebook?  

Enter Talk Space

The American based website that offers online therapy for a host of personal issues, now offers a 12 week social media rehab plan. Accessed via the website or app, users can message a licensed Talkspace therapist at any time of day to chat through ways of dealing with their dependency.


Good idea?

Or another tech dependency in the making? The jury is out in our office. But whatever your opinion on Talkspace, it is increasingly evident that social media can adversely affect our mental health and this will need addressing in an age where digital communication rules the roost, and children would rather text than talk.


Source: Social media 'rehab': Is a 24/7 texting helpline really the best method?